Solar Panel Case Study: Northwich

Solar PV Installation in Northwhich

The DomElec team headed over to Northwich, Cheshire in April 2023 for a 12-solar panel installation on a tiled roof. This 5kW PV array was installed over five days, along with an inverter 6 Pylotech Lithium-ion batteries and new consumer unit to provide full off-grid functionality.

Inverter installation in Northwich

After identifying the appropriate places for the rail hooks on this rosemary tiled roof, the team mounted the rails for the panels. It was a tight fit with some tricky angles, however with a professional roofer on hand this wasn’t a problem. We also needed to ensure we had adequate space to install SolaSkirt to prevent pigeons from nesting under the new panels.

This array can generate up to 5.1kW of power on sunny days. Excess power can be stored within the 28.8kWh battery system.

Power Cuts

With an 8kW Inverter, the customer is covered even through power cuts. During a power cut, most inverters will cease to provide power to circuits whilst the inverter is disconnected from the grid.

Using a specialist system known as Earth-Neutral Bond and some additional wiring, this hybrid inverter and battery system can store up to 28.8kWh of power. This means homeowners can keep certain circuits running while the grid recovers.

This customer chose to prioritise their heating, lighting and broadband – allowing those systems to run independently of the grid.

We’ll Handle It All

This customer had some other electrical works happening at the same time. We integrated seamlessly to make sure that the installation fitted in smoothly with the other works.

Richard (our professional roofer) made sure the customer’s tiles were correctly removed, roof hooks installed and all tiles correctly replaced. We also arranged scaffolding for our customer, and this was included in their price from us.

The DomElec team aims to take care of the entire installation, from start to finish.

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