BREAKING NEWS – Government Unveils Tax Relief On Battery Storage Systems!

From February 2024 – These are exciting times if you are looking to enhance your home’s energy efficiency! The government has just disclosed plans to grant VAT relief on the installation of energy storage batteries, which we think is truly something to celebrate!

We may harbour a slight bias, but we are of course particularly excited about the tax relief on battery storage systems. It is high time battery storage receives the acknowledgment it merits in bolstering the UK’s clean energy transition. This shift sets a positive precedent for a future characterised by greater energy security.

Benefits at a Glance

• 0% on batteries, standalone, or retrofit, when installed by a registered installer. No solar system is required.
• A VAT free battery can allow you to charge your batteries at off peak times (when smart technology tariffs are used)
• This could mean a reduction in your energy charges to as low as 7p/kWh
• An average family of 4 could reduce their energy bill by a 3rd, saving over a £1,000 per year

Get a quote today and make your reservation in preparation for the reduction

Which Battery Storage Ventures Are Covered?


Battery storage added alongside solar PV

These are installations where energy storage is integrated with a solar array. Residents can optimise their renewable investment, fine-tune energy consumption, and stow away excess energy for future use.

Standalone battery storage

Entailing projects where a battery is installed without solar support. Homeowners will be able to capitalise on smart tariffs to charge their batteries inexpensively overnight, utilising the cleanest and most cost-effective energy. The stored energy can then be discharged during peak hours, alleviating grid strain, curbing fossil fuel use, and resulting in significant savings on bills.

Retrofit batteries

Covering installations where a battery is retrofitted to an existing solar array. This empowers billpayers to harness solar energy throughout the day, yielding substantial savings on energy bills, diminished carbon emissions, and enhanced control over energy usage.

Here at Domelec, we champion energy freedom for all. The prospect of diminishing financial obstacles to battery storage seamlessly aligns with our business objectives. Let’s collaborate to forge a greener, more resilient energy landscape!

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